Rivera Hot Sauce "Where sauce and families come together"

Rivera Hot Sauce was a concept that came into fruition in 2011. Since I was a young child I was fascinated by my father making his homemade hot sauces and seeing that bottle on the kitchen table because I knew the passion and love that he put into making it. I would ask him over and over to teach me how to make his signature sauce and he would reply "only after you learn how to grow and care for the peppers will I teach you how to make my sauce." So, with his direction he taught me how to grow hot peppers and year after year my garden got bigger and bigger. Finally at around the age of 16 my father took me into the kitchen and showed me step by step how he made his "pique" (latin for hot sauce). Every season he and I would gather our peppers and create some of the best sauces I ever tasted. Our friends and neighbors agreed as they would be so thrilled at receiving the bottles we would give them as gifts. When my father passed away our yearly tradition came to an end. In 2011, with encouragement from my wife Trudy, I decided to begin growing peppers and making hot sauce again, this time in honor of my father Jose. Thus, Rivera Hot Sauce was born. Our hot sauce line has grown by leaps and bounds and we have added gourmet and barbeque sauces as well. I use only natural products for my sauces and am Blessed to have such a large circle of local support. When you taste a sauce from Rivera Hot Sauce, you taste the love and passion that I put into each bottle that I make, hence our motto "Rivera Hot Sauce, where sauce and families come together. Our sauces give you something to talk about around that kitchen table, just as my family did as I was growing up. Now,  I share this tradition with you.

God Bless and always remember to "Sauce it Up!".

Orlando Rivera